The Rabbi and The Shrink

Archive episode #14: John Register - Heroism on One Foot

March 03, 2022 Rabbi Yonason Goldson and Dr. Margarita Gurri, CSP
The Rabbi and The Shrink
Archive episode #14: John Register - Heroism on One Foot
Show Notes

Why is ignorance a gift?

Why are we afraid to tell our own truth?

How does sympathy drive us apart?

Join us as we discuss these and other compelling topics with Paralympian and executive coach John Register on this episode of The Rabbi and the Shrink.

1:00 People are uncomfortable telling their truths and articulating the object of their fears

All fear stems from fear of the unknown

2:30 Kids are willing to say what adults are afraid to

Embrace the new normal

New is “no prior frame of reference”

5:00 Kids come with innocence… when did we lose ours?

Labels and categories create tension

Empathy vs. sympathy

Honor and respect others for who they are and on their terms

10:00 Have low expectations and work to raise the bar

11:00 Ignorance is a good thing if it makes us curious

We need to be inquisitive and want to expand our knowledge base

14:00 The fear of being misinterpreted of of inadvertently giving offense suppresses our curiosity

16:00 Swifter, higher, stronger -- always set the bar higher above each plateau

The nature of steps -- the top of one is the bottom of the next

A door is a point of transition: always look for the next door

20:00 How do we manage a step backward?

Always tell the truth and take responsibility

23:00 We all have disabilities -- some are more evident than others

Give every person the benefit of the doubt that they are trying to overcome their own challenges

27:00 Find the quiet space in your daily routine and use them as anchoring rituals

Develop good habits and avoid decision fatigue

32:00 We need support systems

Friendship is a profound gift, and we need to seek out people of quality and invest ourselves in them

34:00 We need to be able to take so others can give

36:00 Giving hard news, making hard decisions, supporting others in their decisions

38:30 Relationships may never recover from trust betrayed

Standing up for principles, even when there’s a price to pay

42:00 In a culture of trust, there is less opportunity for giving or taking offense

When truth outweighs fear, we commit to a courageous life

46:00 Tell people closest to you your secrets, then you won’t have to be afraid they will come out

Integrity calls us to take responsibility and be accountable

50:00 Word of the day: interstice -- take a pause

We should respond, not react, which requires us to take a moment before we speak or act

52:00 What’s one area where you can bring a truth to light and share it with another?

56:00 The founder of the Paralympics

The refusal to accept that circumstances can’t be improved is the essence of ethics