The Rabbi and The Shrink

#15: Bob Burg - Give and the World Will Give Back More

June 10, 2021 Rabbi Yonason Goldson and Dr. Margarita Gurri, CSP
The Rabbi and The Shrink
#15: Bob Burg - Give and the World Will Give Back More
Show Notes

Episode #15: Bob Burg

How do you create a context that promotes everyone's success?
How do you communicate information for maximum impact?
What are your unconscious operating systems and are they serving you?
How do you find and foster successful partnerships?
What should your target be to increase your chances for success?

Join us as we discuss these and other fascinating questions with Bob Burg, NYT bestselling author and Hall of Fame speaker on The Rabbi and the Shrink.

1:00 How the rabbi met Bob

Extraordinary accomplishments while keeping the common touch

3:30  What is a go-giver

Focus on others is the best formula for business

Internally motivated but outwardly focused

Ethics: being selfless is selfish

Business is about how we make others feel

Benevolent context for everyone’s success

8:00 Collaboration is people with different skill sets complementing each other

Stories carry the message so they become implanted in us

Parables and allegories

14:00 Being a giver is not being a doormat

How Bob got his start

18:00 Knute Rockne -- invest in people

19:30 How do we get people to connect with our message?

Unconscious operating systems make us think others think like us

Value is in the eye of the beholder

Success begins by asking questions, then listening with every part of your body

24:00 Dialogues of the deaf

Paraphrasing establishes understanding and trust

25:30  Compromise is not the answer

First look for the win-win

27:00 Go-Giver success alliance

29:00 Finding and fostering successful partnerships

35:00 Word of the day: meliorism -- the belief that the world can be made better through effort

Don’t make making money your target; aim to serve others, and success will follow.